The Garage School is a non-profit initiative by Safi Benevolent Trust, which was taken up by Shabina Mustafa in 1999 with a strength of 14 students and an objective to ‘uplift the community through provision of quality education, healthcare and lifestyle’. It was in the year 2007, that TGS rented a three storied, 200 sq. yard building as their second campus in Neelum Colony.

A school that is committed to uplift the community through the provision of quality education, healthcare, and lifestyle.

We are the only one of a kind school that caters to all age groups and target not just one area of education, but all aspects of it including but not limited to street children education program, adult literacy program, formal schooling in English and Urdu, teachers training and support, and vocational training program.

We believe that the right to quality education is a basic right for every child and we strive to provide them with it. We are proud to have our capable students now enrolled in prestigious schools like SZABIST, NUST and Army Public College.

Our school’s operations are completely being funded by individual sponsorships that provide for teacher’s salaries, building rental, books, uniforms, shoes and other related running costs.