Founder’s Message

“My school is more than just a place for basic education. During these 15 years of my journey, I have seen the difference in the lives of many people, all due to education. Majority of the residents in this area are uneducated in this area. In the meagre space that I have, I am trying to impart quality education to all I can accommodate. In this small space.

Along with education, health is important too.

Residents of Neelum & Shah Rasool colonies have the will but barely any means to move forward.  I have taken up the task of not only providing education but also health and medical care; as health and education go hand in hand, healthy body leads to a healthy mind. I also emphasize on inculcating grooming and professional skills.

The challenges in my life have made me the strong person I am today. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, Try to fit in the pieces and you go beyond. Just start once and there is no looking back.

Education and healthcare need our attention.  Each one of us needs to put do our bit. We should all join hands to make progress.

Surrounded by an upscale area, Neelum and Shah Rasool colonies are neglected communities.  They need more schools, I need more space. Due to space limitations, I am unable to fulfil their dreams. I turn away a large number of students every year. We are jeopardizing the future of an entire community.

Everybody who can, should come forward and help me as these colonies lacks education and basic health facilities.  I should be allowed to open a school in this area.

We need to concentrate our efforts to help the underprivileged children get education, without this our country will not progress. So let’s give our best and help them collectively .

Shabina Mustafa

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