TGS provides its students a complete health care including vaccinations. Once a child is enrolled in the school, he/she is sent to an ENT, dental and other diagnostic tests.  This helps in determining the nutritional deficiencies in a child. Most of these children suffer from nutritional deficiency / diseases e.g thalassemia, skin infections, ear and eye infections, stomach worms, dental issues, etc. Many children also have congenital heart disease. We have been able to address these issues through the invaluable time and effort put in by the various experts in their respective fields of medicines.

We have Dr. Khalid Bhamba and Dr. Mehnaz Ahmed on our panel of doctors.

TGS has made possible several successful surgeries.

  • Four Ear operations at Ahmed General Hospital by Dr. Mushtaq Singapori.
  • Two laser eye treatments at Aga Khan University Hospital by Dr. Azam.
  • One appendicitis surgery at Ankle Saria Hospital.
  • Two students were taken to Chennai, India for their open-heart surgery.
  • Two open-heart surgeries done in Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi in November, 2009.
  • Three Throat surgeries for Tonsils at Ahmed General Hospital in October, 2010.
  • Three Open Heart Surgery was done at Aga Khan University Hospital in between 2011 and 2016 by Dr. Muneer Amanullah.
  • One Open Heart Surgery at Indus Hospital in 2015 by Dr. Mehnaz Ateeq.
  • One gall bladder removal surgery of one of our staff members.
  • And many other random surgeries and treatments of our students and permanent employees.