Healthcare program at TGS includes:

  • Doctor’s Visits: for children, siblings, parents and especially elderly grandparents. Many people require x-rays, blood tests, ultrasound, etc.
  • Ear surgeries are rampant.  Due to infected water; many children suffer from weeping ears.
  • Hepatitis, typhoid and flu vaccines are also provided annually.
  • Dental check-ups are part of the routine at TGS where students regularly visit Fatima Jinnah Dental Clinic.
  • Students are provided with basic nutrition such as milk, biscuits, bananas and dates on a daily basis.
  • Whole uncooked chicken for the families of our students is provided fortnightly. Chicken nuggets along with buns are also given to students as part of a healthy snack once every two weeks.
  • Nutrition supplements are given to students to overcome their nutritional deficiencies.